Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What role do you play in your family?

Hi folks!

Everyone in a family plays a role. This is how a unit works.
No matter how big or small. We should try and ask ourselves daily what have we contributed towards our family?

Children can learn to play their role since young too. They can learn to keep their toys and playroom neat and tidy, for older children they can even chip in to do some simple household task. I strongly believe these habits will make them a much better person- whether a better husband or wife to others in the future.

I see husband who simply leave aside plates and cups on the sink without having the thought of washing it. That is when the household is without maid even! So, who is he expecting to wash the dishes? It drums down to habits nurtured since young. So happened that this husband has a mom who is a housewife and since young, that is what they did. Just place the dirty dish on the sink and someone will wash them or someone will even instruct them to just leave it there.

Growing up in a family where we have our duty roster to rotate household chores, from sweeping the floor, washing toilet, preparing meals....I must say I am thankful for the training since young. At least I don't feel helpless without a maid at hand.

Imagine children who has grown up with maid since young, if the parents have not instill some sense of responsibility or role to them, what will they be without the help of maid in the future? I have roommate who cried on the first morning after staying away from home for the first time during college times; reason being....not cos of homesickness but it was the first time she has to fold her own blankets!

Sad but is a possible "handicap" if we are not careful.

So let's try and let all members play their role in the family. Start them young no matter whether we have the luxury of a domestic helper or not.

Cheers to an insightful day!

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Mummy to QiQi said...

after our kakak went back, kids get more independent too. Naturally, they just have to, when mummy do not have enough pairs of hands to do everything at home :)