Monday, December 24, 2012

Aspiration and Confession

Hi folks!

Lately I find myself running short of not only energy, high-spirited self and also patience. Little things that kids do like being too loud at night (which kids do not or able to control their volume?), I could go real mad or actually more worried DH will punish them. But gee that isn't an excuse. There should be more better way to control or at least manage their "loudness" and "laughter". I feel REALLY BAD for scolding them for laughing too loud, playing in musical instrument and even sing at night. Simply because I lacked of patience and being overly-anxious as we are staying close vicinity with our neighbor.

So this really has a great influence on my aspiration for the year which I have been contemplating so far.

I wished to improve in the following areas:

1.       To speak kindly, act with love especially with my closed ones.

Transform how an unintended ugly situation to a loving one.

2.       To always communicate my real fear, concern and worries with DH.

To eradicate any miscommunication. Have courage, faith and trust that we love each other enough to be frank and be loving and understanding while communicating.

3.       To do my Best and have faith in God that things will work out. I just need to put in my 100% and leave the rest to Him.

To build my close relationship and strong faith in God. To work alongside him to create miracles and witness the transformation.

4.       To detach from hardship, unhappiness and retain more goodness, happy thoughts and be more joyful, live life fullest and to bring joy to others around me.

I felt I have becoming more worry-full than I should be instead of "smelling the roses". Thus, I am blessed with people like that around me, especially KY.

5.       To give unconditionally, lovingly, happily and fully.

To be able to give is a gift. Do not tarnish a well-intended giving with any negative energy. Give with love. Learn…learn…learn..

This is the overall guidelines..which has to match with some real habits nurturing and action plan which I hope to think it though and share it here J

Folks, will you join me to share your thoughts on this and share your aspiration too. Love to hear from you all!

Cheers and have a lovely and fruitful year ahead!


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