Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Action Plan

Hi folks!

These are my action plan based on some of the things that connected with each of the improvement I like to make in my aspiration list.

Here are some and the list will keep expanding as journeyed through life.

1.       To speak kindly, act with love especially with my closed ones.

-          Always speak with love. Never out of anger. When I am angry or lack of patient, keep silent. Walk away. Do not hurt the innocent ones.

-          Give encouragement generously. Everyone needed a lift. Even to myself. Give a pat to myself for a job well-done. Acknowledge myself and others.

-          Apologise immediately. Do not keep any grudges or regrets in life. Not even a single day.

2.       To always communicate my real fear, concern and worries with DH.

-          Practice courage, clarity and love to speak frankly with DH.

-          Be truthful and be open and respectful.

3.       To do my Best and have faith in God that thing will work out. I just need to put in my 100% and leave the rest to Him.

-          Pray and talk to Him every morning, every fear/adventures and happiness, every ending of the day.

-          Give it a try before giving up. Use your true heart and seek guidance from above.

4.       To detach from hardship, unhappiness and retain more goodness, happy thoughts and be more joyful, live life fullest and to bring joy to others around me.

-          Laugh more with kids and DH. Enjoy the moment together. Have more happy memories together. Have fun and do "crazy" things together. Let your hair go for once.

-          Keep the list in heart and mind. See through the plans/real work with much gusto and cheerfulness.

5.       To give unconditionally, lovingly, happily and fully.

-          Though you dreaded the task, but sometimes a task being assigned to you for a reason. If you could do it, why not. Accomplish the task with a peaceful heart and learn along the way.

-          To cherish each moment of giving, give thanks when the tough gets going.

Hope I will remember all these principles, guidelines, whatever you name it….

In EVERYTHING I ASPIRE TO ACCOMPLISH FOR COMING YEAR….too many to list out…haha..but I might..cos I have really short-term memory :P




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