Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Echoes of Our Words

Hi folks!

I have read a book entitled "Echoes from the Heart"….lately I have been pondering a lot on "Echoes from our Words…"
Our words can kill or heal as the sayings go….
And lately I do find our words really have echoes too.
Think the time when whenever we do something, someone's advice will ring behind our mind. I noticed this lately when I was buying KY's new school uniform.  Seemingly simple task, when I was choosing over the size to buy, one size is too large, the other is just nice. But viewing in long term the thrifty me would opt for the bigger size to last for one whole year. But DH's view drums into me, saying it would looks funny on her if too big. Thus I went ahead and get 3 just nice and 1 larger one.
Then, I start to think again, how my words will also drum into the kids when they do something. Thus, we must really choose our words well and think thrice before we speak to our children. Whether our words will help them to make a better choice in life or deter them from moving forward.
I felt it's really hard to control our words sometimes, especially we are so used to act from emotions, habits, etc. Thus it's really important to always fine-tune our heart and mind first thing in the morning. To sync our heart with love and compassion, so that everything that comes out from our thoughts and words filled with love and compassion and no harsh tone or words that might scar another soul.
Let us all take time to listen to the "Echoes of our Words" and ensure that the echoes filled with love and compassion.


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