Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hakka Lui Cha

Hi folks!

Hands-up if you are a big fan of this special dish called Hakka luicha :)

I loved this dish and wil always ordered one at the restaurant whenever I see them on the menu. However, not all taste as good..some have rather charcoal black toasts groundnuts but some fares really well! The best loicha I ever ate stil belongs to a Pandan Jaya Vegetarian Restaurant called Xu Lai Xiang made by an elderly auntie whom I fondly known as Cai's been a long time since I had it. Having witness the effort and the tedious process of making this yummy dish, which really makes your mouth muscle works really hard, I only have salutes and no complaints whenever I ordered one..

Even though my mil is Hakka though, she is not particularly fond or know how to make this dish despite she is a great cook allrite! I do wish to learn how to make this yummy and healthy dish wih lotsa mints, basil, and greens..yummy...