Saturday, December 22, 2012

I heart cookies

Hi folks!
Christmas always bring me images of cookies, champagne, etc.

During my last trip to Oz, I ate so much cookies as our host is an excellent baker!

Yesterday was walking and pondering which packet to get and alas settled for this one ...affordable and taste ok too, enough to satisfy my cookies indulgence ... Yummy.. Gulp down with a glass of warm soy milk! That's how I soothed my hunger daily in Oz.

Now this really brings back good memories.. Will work on my Photobook and share some pictures later if I don't feel like zzz

Have a grateful day! Yes the world hasn't end, and these are due to many prayers, effort and good act of many kind souls... Let's give our thanks rather than discounting and disbelief... Continue to cherish, live life with a grateful heart.. Do good & be good as we originally are!


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