Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning to receive with grace

Hi folks!

The story began weeks ago, during a gathering with a family friend who I haven't seen for 8 years. 

We had a gathering with her and had the joy of meeting her son, Sebby..a cute, chubby vegetarian toddler whom I loved to bits.

So huggable and lovable boy. As I played with him that night, two aunties asked me on different occasions whether we are planning to have another one. My standard answer is," we are satisfied with two. Furthermore, I have given away ALL my baby and maternity stuff!!!"...Then one added, that is not an issue...

The next day, as I suddenly realized that my menstrual cycle was late by a week. I have been quite busy of late to notice it. But since it ever late thrice- twice at each of the two pregnancies, and once after dengue recovery, I went to pharmacy to get the test kit..I bought twin pack to be on safe side.

First one tested the next morning, I accidentally used the wrong side, no signs..threw it away and tried the other one..within a minute or so..results was out.... I walked to the room and break the news to equally surprised hubby...

And the story continues of the emotional and physical roller-coaster which we have went through... Thanks for the blessings and trust on us God, believing we could love one more ...

To be continued...

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