Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When to tell and what is the pros?

Hi folks!

When I found out of my good news, I am well aware of the taboo not to reveal the news so soon least until the first trimester or when it is more stable.

However trying those times may be....however much I wished to share with some of my closest friends or siblings to get their support and listening ear...I kept mum about it was not easy...

The pros of informing early are:
  1. You felt better saying No at some of the events, tasks assigned to you as the other party understood why.
  2. You felt easier to ask for assistance (at least it is for me..)
  3. You get the support and care when you needed most (especially for those suffering from severe morning sickness or they called it hyperemesis graviduram suffered by Princess Kate Middleton now too. Hope she gets better soon!)
  4. You get the support and understanding from your bosses when you need to take medical leave, etc.
  5. It is therapeutic for women to share things out.
So yes, thanks for those who gave me your best wishes, listening ears and much needed support! I truly needs it...

Pray my vomitting disappear soon...burrpp....excuse me...

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