Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Successful ipad intervention

Hi folks!

Just thought of sharing this. One of the reason I loved to get books, especially activities and interesting pictorial books for my children is to get their eyes off electronic gadgets (e.g., ipad, iphone, etc). 

As parents, I believe, we all do realise the pros and cons of exposing kids to all these electronic gadgets. Thus we tried to limit the usage or at least guide them to use it properly or for some, not to expose their kids to it at all.

Inevitably, having a gadget-DH means I do not have the option of not exposing the kids to these gadgets at young age.

However, what I do is, I would limit their usage per day. I go to the extend to set an alarm clock. Once the alarm rings(usually 20-30mins), lights off and they have to put away the i-gadgets.

Last night, after unpacking all the goodies (i.e. books) we got from the Big Bad Wolf Sales, for once, their night is filled with me reading and playing with them a games using the pictorial encyclopedia. So yey! For at least one night we managed to have a SUCCESSFUL ipad intervention! And they are looking forward to continue with page 2 tonight!

So yes, thank God it worked!

I shall keep trying to include all these little steps to avoid their eyes being glued to the electronic gadgets too frequently!

Care to share what are the measure you used to intervene the overuse of electronic gadgets by your children?


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