Saturday, February 18, 2012

Packing Meals from home

Hi folks! Many folks especially in US people who going into eating and cooking from home for healthier body & wallet. Thus the recipe boos, kitchen gadgets sales soar. As for me, I did it out of choice and needs & practicality and earning the benefits along the way( will share more on why at another post)
Here's a typical Friday when I would packed for 4 of us including the children. And we are having multigrain porridge. I am using the thermal pot. Very easy an fast to prepare. I just wash the grains(millet, quinoa, brown rice, etc, comes in a combi pack), cut the potatoes, carrot, mushrooms and add everything in the pot+fill enough water. Put on the stove for 10 mins and put it back to thermal pot to let it simmer and cook further while I continue with my housework/zzz. The porridge will be all cooked by the time I am done changing my attire and ready to get out. Pack them all into our lunch box/pot and sprinkle some nutri powder(black sesame, white sesame, wheatgerm etc). For DH, I add one cube of Chinese preserved beancurd("lam Yu"). Yummy...we are all ready to go! Storing the food in those thermos or thermal pot helps to keep the food warm till lunch time :) hope this post encourage you to try packing from home too :) it's do-able with some planning in advance & some essential ingredient at hand ;)
Cheers & have a lovely weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lunch Pack: 15 mins. Stir-fry Ramen

Hi folks, I usually pack lunch to work for my hubby & me. So usually I prefer to cook something simple that takes around 10-15mins to prepare. Here's one of it. First I put the ramen to boiling water for 5 mins. While it is boiling I cut the carrots, cabbage and whatever additional protein-based(this one I added organic tofu slices) food and fry it lightly+seasoning(sea salt, pepper, olive oil,herbs-parsley)& add the noodles into the wok & fry for awhile till well-blend. Simple & yummy lunch pack :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parents of teens?

Hi folks!

Are you a parent of teenagers? Or perhaps you like to prepare yourself in advance. Try taking the assessment below to understand better about teenagers and also gain some tips from it.

Cheers and have a fruitful Thursday folks!

Friday is coming to tomorrow! Yeah!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hair keep falling from my head...

Why tell me why oh my goodnesss
Please let it grow back..
I want to have my hair back
Please let it grow back..,
(melody: rain keep falling on my head..lolx)

Phew time for a short hair cut this weekend...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi folks!

Before i forget ....Happy Valentines Day folks!

Doing anything special today? Or not just today but every single day?

Last week, i ordered these for me and DH (just in time for V-day...haha..but we don't need an excuse or special day to surprise our folks rite? )

I has been looking for thermos for sometime since my last two not working well...and ever since after dengue I am told to sip on warm water and avoid coughing which might hurt my lung.

And DH is one who loves having her soup, coffee, tea this combi deal i found at superbuy seems like a good buy.

I got it for MYR99.....but later on found out that the thermos i got is only 375ml instead of 500ml that I thought to be..hoho..ok lar...good enough to put in my handbag...but maybe not sufficient for longer trip....and MYR99 for this 375ml bottle and that cup..doesn't sound so cheap after all..but...ok it's not overpriced too cos the original price for the thermos cup is MYR52..hoho...hopefully DH find it useful...It's after all my V-day pressie to him.

Today I made him kiwi-mango smoothie and fill it up in his new thermos cup which is meant for hot and cold drink.

Will check out and see how he likes this for mine..haven't got time to test it...and see how long that 375ml of warm drink can satisfy my thirst..haha...need refill along the way i guess.

What lovely things you have got yourself or your dearest ones today?

Happy V-Day again!

Cheers and have a lovely day!

3 MONTHS has passed...

Hi folks!

Lately my hair has been falling a lot..i mean A LOTSSSS....worst than post-delivery of babies.

My hair would fall when i wash my hair (lotsss), on my pillows, on the floor...everywhere...hoho..

No wonder my friend who got dengue before me asked if my hair is falling back then.

Yeah, now it is FALLING....

Time to get a short haircut...stay tuned for new updates...

It's cell regeneration time...every 3 months huh...hope my cell are fully renewed and free from the dengue virus..