Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't be surprised....

Hi folks!

Don't be surprised if...

  1. Your techie hubby do not know how to operate a washing machine
  2. Your housewife mom sells  things better and faster than the top salesperson at your company
  3. Your 4 year old child create the presentation slides better and faster than you
  4. The blind person touches someone better than one who sits in front of you but focus on the mobile phone all day long
  5. The child forgive faster than you forget
We all are granted special gift and talent from the above. If only we are connected with our True Nature, can we manifest the hidden qualities within us!

Have a lovely & fruitful day folks! Start looking internally and look for the treasure within us!


Friday, June 1, 2012


Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Special Moment together

Hi folks! My son is a morning and breakfast person like me. One of our frequent special moment together would be spending eating noodle soup(our favorite!) early in the morning. Yea, my house never run short of noodles...these are the time we have our special conversation just the two of us without distraction from tv, iPad or toys(or even the other sibling :P chattering ) just a moment for two of us..talking and learning more about my boy who is growing fast each day without us realizing! How about you? Which are your special moment together with your kids! Do seize each such moments to bond with your child.. Such memories lasts a lifetime! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday, sushi and holidays..

Hi folks!

Yesterday was DH birthday. We celebrated the night before as he has a meeting to attend (yea on his birthday night!).

Here's the his lunch yesterday (sushi) painstakingly made by me :P early in the morning..

K, this one doesn't look so nice(the loose ends) and is my pack. DH and the kids one have much better-looking ones..(rushing for time to snap their lunchpack).

Now, how has your school holiday been? I haven't done much as was pretty busy lately..(thus lack of update)

This coming weekend, we'll be attending a cousin's wedding plus meeting some old relatives...

Till we catch up again!

Have an awesome days ahead!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Nourishing drink for confinement

Hi folks! For the Chinese, most of us are familiar with this drink which are consumed especially during confinement(with added ginger slices for some). It is also very good for after menses to rebuild the blood. This is the pre-pack I got it at Chinese medical shop; just cook it in 2.5-3litre of water & drink it whole day long in replace of plain water. Even not in confinement, having this drink frequently is very good for us what's inside this pack? There's dried longan, red dates, black dates, wolfberries, tong sum & pak kei. Taste great and very good to replenish qi & blood. I have a friend who after dengue, the hubby made this drink for her daily without fail..she now possess the rosy cheeks a I'd putting on yup am going to make this weekly :)