Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lunch Pack of the day: Mushroom steak, mash potatoes and asparagus

Hi folks!

Last Sunday, I attended a nutrition and health talk entitled "The Sustainable Diet for the Spiritual Era".

During the workshop, information on how a plant-based or meat-free or karma-free diet does for humanity in various aspects:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Economics
  • Ethics
  • Religion
  • Karma

We were also being informed the right way to eat a balanced diet consisting of food from 5 colours with each of them representing Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth and Water elements or the different organs in our body.

After the workshop we have a cooking demo and food-tasting session.

All these foodie stuff has inspire me to prepare a healthier and more yummy-looking lunch pack for DH and me.

So here's one created with 5 colours in mind :D consisting of:
  • Green: Asparagus, basil leaves (mixed with cherry tomatoes), cucumber
  • Yellow: Mash Potatoes
  • Black: Mushroom steak
  • Orange: Carrot
  • Red:  Tomatoes

Free Diet and Nutrition Consultation


Check this out if you're nearby. I found this while food hunting :) Apparently they have food delivery service as well :)


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fertiliser of our Soul

Hi folks!

Our soul needs fertiliser, sunshine, water and soil.

What are the fertilisers of our soul?

Other's comments, demands and expectation on us can be like a natural fertiliser. It may not "smells" good but if we can absorb them positively, it can be very nourishing to our soul! 

Have you got such fertiliser in your life? I have.. 


On food and eating habits of late..

Hi folks!

Lately, food has been a main focus of my day it seems. After finishing a meal, I would think of the next 2 hr snack and the next meal. Talking about hunger pangs that strikes me after every 2 hours. Failed to feed me on time..would mean another vomiting cycle that repeats after one after the other…so eating on time has been such IMPORTANT task of the day now…

Not to mention at times I really running out of ideas and mood on what to eat. No appetite basically. Sometimes would browse through some mouth-watering recipes pictures just to get my appetite back (hopefully…).

Being pregnant the third time is so much different from the first. The first one, DH would not mind to travel down to the south to get my hometown food for me! Second one, can't remember, mostly sharing packed rice with me whenever I don't feel like eating at all but still need to eat during the serious vomiting period. Third one..basically  trying to pack for me any food I find palatable and at times advise or remind me what food that cause me to vomit the other round.
Things I used to love like creamy carbonaro does not appeal to me anymore….thus DH has been my savior to finish up whichever dish I ordered which alas unable to swallow. Very grateful that he is able to patiently do this else I would be wasting food or even afraid of ordering anything cos it may just end up in the rubbish bin. How wasteful!

The thing to be grateful of is that at times.. I am able still able to cook up something for myself every now and then when I am feeling to it and especially when my son asked for it.

Am waiting eagerly yet patiently for the stable period to arrive. Right now, finger crossed, and stay thankful at each vomit-less day…

Cheers and sorry if this post makes you lose your appetite :P I didn't mean to. But to be able to enjoy food is such great blessings. 
So please…enjoy your meal! :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hi folks,
Lately my bag always keep some snacks not just for the kids but for myself too as hunger pangs always strike me anytime. Here's one snack i got for the kids for their lunch box and my hunger moments ;)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vegetarian dishes@KL Hilton

Hi folks!

Last Sat was my company dinner and few of us from our company had ordered for vegetarian option.

Here's some of the food I had. Exquisitiely, delicately-served that all my colleagues worried that it won't be quite enough for me...I said it's French-style cuisine perhaps..however it taste rather ok..despite the size..thankful that it has something palatable for vegetarian like us ;)

You may be surprised, at times my non-vegetarian friends would asked to have my portion instead when they looked at how exquisitiely and tasty my food are ...compared to theirs hehe..

Joys from simple stuff

Hi folks!

These days, I would woke up like 3.4 or 5 am to search for food. And almost very instantly my boy somehow will wake up after me. So we spend time cooking and eating together at wee hours in the morning.

Here's SE, finding his joy playing pretend with what a seemingly sime stuff ...can you spot what it is?

It's a string used to tie those takeaway food in plastic. Yep, he kept himself entertained with it, using it to act in small little act and drama he devised complete with his voice-over. What an imaginative boy..

And it left me time to enjoy my meals and reading till zzz took over and I continue my sleep if I am lucky ..else at times it would continue till time to go for work...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Contest and Charity: Share the softness

Hi folks!

Aloha! Sorry for long absence.....

I am very overdue in sharing a couple of good news here! Let me start off with the first one!

I am given the chance to run a contest here in my blog for my blog readers and you all are in running for some lovely prizes and also contribute towards a charity! 

Kleenex will be sponsoring the prizes as well as donating MYR10 to Make-A-Wish Malaysia (an NGO who grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to inspire hope, strength and joy) for EACH ENTRY!

What a good and heartwarming things to do for this coming festive season! Don't you agree? Please do your bit to help these children and win some lovely prizes for yourself too! Join the contest and help to spread around (as i got only the first week of Dec to collect the entries for the all your kind act means a great deal!)

Here's the contest details:
What you need to do?

Example: "SE is sharing a wonderful moment with a handsome dog of my buddy during a morning walk at Cameron."
  1. Share a moment of "sharing" in picture which describes "sharing moments" (with caption not more than 25 words) by sending the pic to this e-mail alohamolly [at] gmail dot com OR share your thoughts of what you think about SHARING by typing it in the comment box...latest by Dec 8, 2012.
  2. Spread the words around about this contest to show your "softness" towards these children to give them hope and joy in your blog, Facebook, twitter, e-mail, etc. You may cc or send the link of your sharing to alohamolly [at] gmail dot com. The person who shared the news through each media will be in running for a surprise gift from me.
Easy peasy right? So start sending your entries now and you might win some of these goodies:

‘tis the season for friendship and generosity, so Share the Softness of Kleenex® with all your loved ones!

Check out the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page -  for exciting year-end promotion announcements!