Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A blessed start.......

Hi folks!

Today is the extreme juggling day for most parents in Malaysia whose kids are starting their school term. Especially for those whose child are starting primary 1.

I have been mentally and literally preparing bits and pieces of items to make it a smooth start.

Thank God, this morning, it still went on smoothly, with minimal hiccups..hopefully this evening I will check on with KY and see if there's anything mommy or her missing out....

I find it real useful to have the following ready at hand:
  1. Enough stationeries to go round
  2. Enough bottles to go round
  3. Printed names and labelling to just stick on anything required (food container, water bottle, bag, books, etc) to save time writing by hands...thanks to DH!
  4. Stock up enough food and snacks to pack
  5. Stock up enough containers, ziplock bags etc.
  6. Bought enough uniforms, undergarments(opps..i need to get more of those small pants)
  7. Ready the bags with the basics (stationery, water bottles, etc) at least a day ahead.
  8. Ready enough labelled towels, shoes, socks around.
  9. Steamed a pot of rice, soup and hard-boiled egg the night before for our breakfast, lunch etc.(for whole family)
  10. What else....mommies..or daddies, perhaps you could share with me your list and tips :)
Phew...and may I say get ready anything you need, but still wake up early enough to make it a SMOOTH first day to school and for me, to work :) Thanks to Shone who woke me up before my alarm rings ;)

Now, the next thing i have to get a school bag (KY's bag wasn't working properly on first day...any suggestions mommy..which brand and where can i get?) and those small pants for the little girls who are more used to open leg widely ....(this is a tip given by an experienced mommy...which no wonder i saw them selling those pants at Tesco...time to stock up more..)

Notice that I mentioned stock-up quite a number of being a full-time working mom, I do feel safer to stock things up since I don't have the luxury of time to dash out to get things anytime i wished...couple with the impending coming month which I might be confined at home(May 2013). Wiser to get things prepared well ahead...things which I know will certainly be "used" of that no wastage caused  ;)

Hehe..coupled with few knick-knacks i bought at Daiso yesterday to make lunch-packing a bit more fun and hopefully the person who eats it will enjoy it more..will share more of the items I got ;)

Have a great start, and blessed days ahead folks!


prince n princess mum said...

Happy new year!

isabelle frankly said...

u too. have a great day...err, i mean..year

AlohaMolly said...

Thanks..have a great and inspiring year too! :)