Thursday, January 3, 2013

Give your Utmost Best and Leave the Rest to.....


Hi folks!

Lately, I often have sudden reflection thought coming to me. Not during any of the solitude reflection I used to do every end and start of the year. These reflection thoughts came to me anytime..while I was cooking, bathing, driving etc.

I like to pen it here as reminder to myself and also sharing with others.

The past two years have been such a FAST and HAPPENING year for me. I hardly have any chance or make time to do self-reflection/much planning.

However, by following my true heart, I found out that every little step, every UTMOST effort I made are returned or complemented by so much grace from God and so much blessings, assistance and well-meaning effort from people all around me....guess this is what people talk about Law of Attraction, except that this is gotten out of not purely thoughts but ACTION as well...and it's not focusing on my own well-being solely, but usually start off with others/group as a whole.

Thus, I can firmly believe on this that I will just need to give my utmost Best to any worthy cause to pursue and have faith in God that things, people and events will just fall into place. First step, I need to GIVE IT A TRY before thinking of all the BUTs...

So this year I have another lifelong dream to fulfil, something not just for my family but also for my dreams..hopefully it will materialise if not this year in years to least i try from the first step NOW :) Every journey starts from the first single step :) and the step is NOW :)

Cheers and hope I will remember this thought and action always!


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