Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dos and Don'ts while preparing out kids to formal schooling

Hi folks!

I like to pen down what I learnt about the Do's and Don'ts while preparing our child for primary/school in overall.

1. Speak in positive tone even on the challenges they might be facing.
2. Do not threaten or frighten them as a way to make them be more serious in their homework/attitude. It might backfire.
3. Do not e.g., say things like you must write fast if not you won't be able to finish copying the teaver's message or homework on the board. The teacher won't wait for you.
4. Hohoho..expect to have lotsa homework to do when you enter primary. No more time to play it watch tv, etc.
5. The teacher will be very fierce and will cane the students.

Instead, expose them the opportunities to be independent an be excited over the new friends they will make and the new things they will learn. Make them look forward with excitement rather than fear.

My KY was literally getting all the wrong messages, signals, input and negative comments about primary school which makes her cried in fear the might before starting school much to my surprise and dismay and regrets for not noticing the impacts of such negative comments from all around her..

So folks! Let's be more gentle and positive with our words ..words can uplift someone or create unnecessary fear in someone..May all the words, thoughts and action we said bring benefits to others in a positive way and not the other way round.,.

Cheers! :)

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