Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lunch Pack: Instant Roti Canai and DIY curry

Hi folks!

Lunch for today...Instant pack of Roti Canai (a type of Indian bread) with homemade curry (my first time cooking curry to match with roti canai).

Been trying to search and read curry recipes lately, had even bought an instant curry rendang package(but I didn't use it this round) as I am not good at making curry since I don't fancy spicy food. But i do love non-spicy curry, e.g., those we used to eat with roti canai or even some North Indian curry.

As DH bought a pack of instant roti canai last year, I am in the midst of clearing pantry and stuff, I decided to attempt to cook this curry myself..imagining or trying to remember the curry ingredients while scouting around ingredients available at home. Ha..true enough, I do not have the typical ingredients needed for cooking a decent I bought a packet of organic curry powder from BMS organic the other day and trying to work around the flavour and taste.

Voila, now i found a good way to finish off my remaining tomato paste..I added half can of tomato paste into the curry and it taste awesome (just like the curry my mom used to make for us!). And the curry turned bit soury, bit sweet(added bit sugar, salt to taste) so that it is suitable for KY to bring for lunch.

Verdict: Not bad if only i have steam the chickpeas in advance then i don't have to cook so long and the thick curry could retain(I added more water later on just so that the pot don't get burnt while i am trying to soften the chickpeas!)

So, in total below are the ingredients I used for this basic first-timer curry (hehe):
  • Curry powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to reduce "hotness"
  • Half can of tomato paste
  • Potatoes
  • Tempe
  • Chickpeas
  • Water
  • Mushroom seasoning powder (optional)
  • Soy-based protein textured vegetarian fish and cubes
Yummy...Will remake this next time i learnt how to create my own roti canai ;)

(Lili, I ate two slices for lunch and it was so filling! I bet you feel the same during your breakfast!)

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