Friday, January 25, 2013

Exercise during Pregnancy

Hi folks!

This pregnancy has been rather tiring and eventful than's 5 1/2 mth now and yet I have not done ANY preparation at's more like trying to juggle some new events, happening for my two children right now...and listing out whatever I could think of as well as finishing whatever uncompleted/planned task from last year....

Haven't got time to really sit down and think what are the things I need to get prepared.

One thing I notice...this pregnancy has been more "tiring" than the last two(age factor?). Usually by 5th month during my last two pregnancies I would be bubbling with energy. But this time round, I find myself tires easily. When my manager asked me if I do any exercise..i replied..o yeah...just lotsa walking around basically. 

Chauffeuring kids, doing the usual marketing and groceries and even driving to client site for meeting really seems to be a more daunting task now. I had to include in some cushion time for toilet trip and slower walking motion.

So whichever time I have at hand...i really prefer to put my legs up, rest my back and eye (a.k.a.) sleep....zzzz...away as the usual daily rush hour has made me rather sleep and energy-deprived.

So yesterday is a one-day holiday for Malaysia, and kids requested to go for a swim. Thus, since DH does not seems to wanted to dip in for a swim, I changed to my swimming attire and join the kids for some light exercise in water. Basically just kicking my legs away and having fun with the kids. Swimming being one of the few exercise which I think is pretty safe for pregnant women besides, brisk walking, yoga, etc.

It feels good to be able to be "weightless" again albeit few minutes in water...away with the heaviness that I felt most of the time...

So, what other exercise do you do while being pregnant? Please do share..or any activities at all that keep your energy level up :)

22 Weeks and counting...I hope to regain more energy to do some spring-cleaning before CNY...crossed my finger.. :)


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