Friday, January 25, 2013

A case of disservice and lack of profesionalism from an online deal

Hi folks!

Sadly, today, something really infuriated me! A case of disservice and lack of profesionalism from an online deal..which makes me THINK THRICE to ever purchase any of such deals online.

In Dec 25, 2012, we have bought an online deal for air-cond service(CNY coming and air-cond service is due as well). In the T & C, it stated there we could start making our booking from Dec 25, 2012 to Jul 4, 2013. So, we quickly made our booking once the voucher arrived on Dec 26,2012 according to their format stated via sms.

Rightfully, as customer, you would have expected a confirmation of booking date and time right? But NO REPLY AFTER ONE MONTH!! And NO ONE PICK UP YOUR CALLS at the number stated!

Today, a day before our booking date, I had to file a complaints to online deal company to sort things out! Finally they managed to contact the merchant however we were notified that our booking was cancelled?? By Who? When? We did not even get a single confirmation notice or did we MADE any cancellation!! So who made the cancellation?????

To add salt to the wound, this company was so fully-booked that we can only have our service booking after May (which is way after our air-cond due for servicing!).

If you are a customer, will you feel like firing at them?!!!!

This is my FIRST time facing such a lack of profesionalism in a company advertising on the reputable online deal co. which really badly reflected not only the merchant but also on the online deal co. itself.

It makes me lost the trust, faith and zest to purchase further from the online deal co. and of course from the merchant!

Shopping for deals and service meant to be fun and satisfying..but this makes my temperature GOES UP for nothing..

So more online voucher deals from now on!

What a way to begin my weekend...hope this is a blessings in disguise..reduce my spending ;)

Grateful in return...

Cheers and have a good weekend folks!
[Will update you all how will this online deal company deal with such complaint case...from this event, I will reconsider if this co. deserves a second chance!]

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