Thursday, January 3, 2013

The CAREton Project

Hi folks!

Christmas is just over and with the CNY coming I am sure everyone will be busy having reunion with family and friends.

And while we have a toast with our family and friends, shall we also take the time to collect the drink packs to be recycled for those in need!

Check out the The CAREton Project  2012 below:


(10 Nov 2012 – 28 Feb 2013)

The CAREton Project gives you a chance to care for the planet and the people as well. A collection drive for used drink packs, then recycled into school items for those in need.

RecyclenRewards will give FREE 1 MILO UHT (200ml) for every 10 empty drink packs.

RecyclenRewards are targeting 300 000 packs. Do help them to make it a reality!

For more information, visit

If you have any other inquiries call them at 014-2397037 or email us at



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