Friday, February 22, 2013

A party?

Hi folks!

Do you agree with this? I must admit when I have my first born, and finally went for a movie alone together(leaving bottles of expressed milk with my in-laws) after confinement, my heart still with the baby....and I don't really feel it's a "party" instead I can't wait to be back with my baby. After two children....I learn to treasure my occasional ME time..a happy and well-rested mom is a great mom to be with than a tired and grumpy mom. Over the years..I learn to let go as long as the kids are in good hands...most recent case, DH & I went Down Under without the kids...and they are having their holidays with my parents..full of stories to tell me though I truly misses them lotss while we were day I hope to bring them travel and "party" with me too ;)

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