Thursday, February 21, 2013

2-ingredient Lunch Pack on a less energetic morning

Hi folks!

This morning I woke up feeling rather......lethargic..perhaps 'cos of coughing (with yellowish, greenish phlegm) thus did not sleep well.

Here's a simple, fast-to-cook, good-to-eat lunchpack prepared this morning.

Pumpkin Steam rice
Seasonings (italian herbs, sea salt, bit of soy sauce, butter)

I just put everything in a pot and steam it.

While steaming, I could do other stuff or zz...a perfect meal preparation choice during not-so-energetic day. And taste great too! Thanks to the fact that I have pre-cut all the pumpkin during the weekend and freeze it.

What do you cook when you are feeling unwell/less energetic?

Please do share :)


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