Thursday, February 7, 2013

Discovery of a busy mom

Hi folks!

Sometimes, the following are what we need to stay sane, stay loving and stay calm amidst the busy-ness of everyday rush hour:

1.       A short cat nap even if it's a mere 10 minutes

2.       An interrupted shower, again even if it's only 10 minutes

3.       A hot cup of tea and a bit of indulgence such as chocolate chip cookies or muffin

4.       A flip of women magazines full of bright colors and ideas

5.       A flip of yummy ideas from recipes books when we run out of ideas on what to cook

6.       A phone call or sms to a buddies whom we think are equally busy and worn-out as us (thinking of others makes us forget about our own woes, which is quite true!)

7.       A deep breath count to ten. More oxygen goes to our brain will certainly help to keep us sane and focus.

8.       A view of greenery. A great therapy, as good as 20 minute nap.

9.       A good sweat from a good workout or run in the park.

10.   A helping hand when we felt fully stretched and needed some recharge.

What are your discoveries? Do share and when you shared, you helped to reinforce this activity in your mind and start to have it more or even scheduled in your daily itinerary!


Cheers to a great day!

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