Thursday, February 7, 2013

Checkup Week 24

Hi folks!

Phew...just came back from a checkup at government's been 4 years since I last visited one...can see some improvement but I was bit tad lost at the new procedures, lining up rooms, etc....thus still take me a bit of time to complete the whole checkup...hopefully the next visit will be smoother...

Overall, the hemoglobin level increased but still need to boost up further...I have been taking Organic Prune Paste and Wheatgrass powder as well as daily dose of cranberries..all the heart-boosting food :) for the past few weeks..glad it went up to a satisfactory level.

Due to past experience with glucose intolerance test, I have been extra careful not to take too much sugary or sweet food...and even reduce my rice intake for dinner. Been switching to whole grain or wholemeal and brown rice. Skipping all the whites...white rice, white sugar, white far it's been good...i have yet to asked to take the test...weight gain is within "safe" level only 1.9kg...i was told to increased to 2kg per month...the last pregnancy the weight gained a month is 3.1kg and been asked to take the glucose intolerance test...yucky drinks with big spoonful of sugar in water...'s my update for the day..time to catch up some pending tasks...

Have a lovely day folks...counting to CNY break yippee!


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