Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monkey in Year 2013

Hi folks!

You may find some of the reading from various side a bit different.. :)

From the one I read from TV, Monkey is having a fairly good year in the year of Snake :)

Below are the reading I found from another source ;) for Monkey folks!

Career: The Snake is in the Fire group. Fire brings pressure on Monkey, which is in Metal group. Therefore, Monkey will encounter the busy schedule in their job positions. The major stress will come from the upper management level. However, Monkey is an intelligent, acute and sly animal. They can handle the pressure from Snake. In the Chinese astrology, Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. This means Monkey will become smarter by learning the pressure of Fire. If Monkey people think they are out-smarter than Snake and try to take the advantage on Snake. Then Snake will try everything to damage Monkey's image. The trouble will arrive sooner or later and Monkey won't have a peaceful mind in the office. In general, as long as Monkey people don't show the arrogant or snobbish attitude at work, the career luck of Monkey in 2013 is quite good. The career opportunity is there, Monkey has to figure out how to take it.

Money: The Snake's people relationship is good in 2013. Snake people have nice career opportunity. Therefore, Monkey people should have a stable income If they want to spend more time for their work, then should be able to earn extra come. But there is a dispute sign in the Snake year. If the dispute causes a lawsuit, then it will become a money loss. If Monkey people need to travel or drive for their job, then they have to pay attention on the safety. That dispute sign is also connected to the injury, which will cost your money and time to recover.

Love: Basically, the love relationship for Monkey people will go well in 2013, because Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. But Monkey and Snake also have hurting relationship. That means their relationship is mixing with love and hate. Sometimes, they fight each other, then break up. But they will get back together later. Anyway, Monkey people have better not gambling on this fragile relationship. They should watch for their words and behavior to avoid unnecessary argument with your lover, family members, relatives or the one you care. Any unhappy event occurs, it will hurt the feeling of both sides for a while in 2013.

Health: There is unlucky sign related to body and soul for Monkey people in 2013. That might come from the Monkey's personality. Monkey sometimes is mischievous, naughty and even haughty. Some people don't like that. There is a chance that Monkey people will receive negative reputation in 2013. If Monkey fight for that, then the war of fame will last whole year long. The stress from dispute, libel or slander could impact their spirit and health. If you are in bad luck, then you will visit the doctor, take medication or stay in the hospital. Also, if you have a senior at home, then you should watch for their safety and health to avoid any injury. If the elders are away from you, then give them a call often or go to spend some time with them.

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