Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dragon in Year 2013

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Here's the reading on Dragon :)

Career: Last year, 2012, Dragon people have poor social relationship. Lot of pressure and trouble came from the office. The story will be totally different In the Snake year. Dragon people will receive many helps and advice from friends, coworkers, boss or people caring about you at work. If you job is required traveling or working in the field, then you have better chance to show your performance and achievement. But you still need to watch your words and behaviors. If any rumor or libel come toward you, the you must carefully handle it. Don't argue with your jealous competitors. Otherwise, the argument might ruin your public relationship and career luck in 2013.

Money: In Chinese Five Element theory, Snake is in Fire group and contains some Earth. Snake just provides the support and advice for Dragon. Snake cannot bring the money luck to Dragon. However, 2013 is a Water Snake year. Water is the money to Dragon. Therefore, Dragon people have better money opportunity in the first half of 2013. But the money income or investment profit need to wait till winter time. The money luck of 2013 is favorable to Dragon people who work for public media, broadcasting, performing arts, social work, Internet, newspapers, TV, radio, telecommunications, transportation and etc. The money luck is not from local, is from remote locations or overseas.

Love: The social relationship of Dragon people will be much better than 2012. In Chinese astrology, Dragon contains Male Earth, Female Water and Female Wood. Snake contains Male Fire, Male Earth and Male Metal. Wood in Dragon and Metal in Snake have attraction relationship. Water in Dragon and Earth in Snake have attraction relationship, too. There are love connections between Dragon and Snake. Therefore, Dragon people have good opportunity to find a new relationship or develop a better relationship in 2013. But the relationship won't go too much deeper. This is because that Dragon and Snake sometimes prefer to be alone.

Health: There is no major issues in the health area in 2013. Dragon people may not have a good mood or good luck last year. 2013 is a year to recharge your energy. Dragon people should reserve more time for rest and relax. You should be able to find time for outdoor excise. So you can maintain your health in good level during year of Snake.

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