Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Little Conversationalist and Discoverer

Hi folks!

Kids at age 4 can be such a conversationalist!

Well, they might not be as direct and will go into details of things....but it's rather interesting listening to them! :)

I noticed the difference when I was playing games with both SE and KY.

The responds they gave me to the quiz I gave is so different. KY just gave straight direct answer, whereas SE would give a long details step-by-step answer which DH would say go to straight to the point! But after reading an article, they are exactly at this age where they are exploring into details.

One night, when he has a Science homework where he needs to stick the respective pictures (jelly, packaged sweets, biscuits, etc) on the right part of the picture of cup filled with water on the workbook. They are to figure out which items will submerge and which will sink down to the bottom of the cup.

As he is unsure of some answers, he asked both me and DH. Folks, you may think it's such simple activity...let me try and ask you...

Items like sweets (like in the picture), do you think will submerge or sink? Both me & DH said it will sink.

However, not convinced SE requested a cup of water and a sweet to test it out. (I am impressed actually of his quest to discover the answer himself!).

So I went to prepare him a cup with a packaged sweet. Voila! The sweet in the packaging submerged! Only when we removed the packaging did the sweet sunk right to the bottom of the cup.

So which answer do you think is correct. Regardless of which answer the teacher considered correct, in this process of figuring out the answer himself, he would know the actual answer and able to even share with his teacher should his answer is marked as "wrong". 'Cos he chose to leave it as "submerged" since the picture is showing packaged sweets even though the text appear as "sweet".

Next, he went on to test on biscuits, as I truly not very sure of it will sink or submerge :P's kinda fun really!

You might want to encourage and support your child curiosity and discovery spirit to assist them in experimenting! I felt this is a good spirit indeed! Instead of spoon-feeding them with our adult answer which at times we aren't so sure ourselves!


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