Friday, March 8, 2013

Checkup at 28 Weeks

Hi folks!

Upon reaching each checkup time, the thing I dreaded most(besides the unavoidable long time sitting on the plastic chair) is the "drink" so called the glucose intolerance test consist of few large spoonful of sugar water(white sugar!!)....

I got tested once during my second pregnancy when my weight increased 3.2kg a month(which is just after my heavy vomitting trimester...which should be good news that I can finall ate and tolerate food..yet the moment of the yucky drink still in my memory..)

After being asked to put on more weight by the nurse last month(after putting on merely 2.9kg, safe range I would avoid the "drink")..I kinda got the license to eat a lot more during Chinese New Year(lol). But having trained my tongue to not fancy fried & oily food, I literally craves for more fruits and raw vegetables like salads. However one thing I cannot resist is sweet desserts(which my mil will cook only during CNY) and not to mention all sorts of CNY cookies; almond, peanut, pineapple, oats, etc..u name it!

Voila, guess how much weight I put on this time? 2.7kg!! Much to my surprised yet feeling grateful again not to be reaching the weight to be called for glucose test ..phew...

Even though I can seemingly noticed a bigger belly and heavier feeling..yet my weight still in within safe range..blood pressie normal, blood level normal(been taking organic prune paste diligently!), was given a jab(to avoid "sawan"/fits).

From now on, will be subjected to a checkup every 2 weeks..time flies..yet I am not prepared yet...gosh procrastination big time ..nowadays the only thing I wanted to do during any rare free time is zzz..

Wait till the mood arrive I will be packing and preparing stuff am asked to rest for I sprained my neck during checkup yesterday. Will just do some light laundry, washing dishes and perhaps light tidying up...not to carry heavy stuff..and oh yes..and doing my baby-movement counting homework :P

Seems like lotsa things to do..yet very little mood and enthusiasm yet..hohoho..perhaps a good rest will do the trick to bring it back..k fingers feeling numb now..a sign to zzz n rest., tata..

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