Sunday, March 10, 2013

When our mind is too full of ourselves and the present

Hi folks!

Being a full-time working mom with two kids(and one more coming), very often than not I dreaded Monday morning. As it is the start of another tiring and rushing weekdays. I believe many moms might have the same feelings.

However it is something inevitable and something we can't really avoid..

But we could certainly change the way we look, manage and perceive it. 'Cos I felt there's really no "life" to it if we are bogged down by the daily rush hours and forget to smell the roses or even care for the people around us.

I suddenly noticed this awhile ago when I was chatting with an old buddy who has just married with no kids yet. As I went on babbling about my hectic daily rush hour, I overheard she mentioned that she hasn't take her dinner and felt rather thirsty. We were sitting in another friend's car then and they are to about to drop me off before her.

As I was filled with the Sunday dreadness of coming Monday and so full of the list to do, I actually forgot to take the chance to care for another person. I could have passed them a few cans of drinks when they dropped me off..

Life is really much more than the daily hustle bustle..else there's really no meaning to it. And we would be living like a robot or zombie, passing each day or merely live without really living with our heart...what a huge waste of God-given life...

So yea folks! I am jotting this down as a reminder to myself not to be overwhelmed and buried by day-to-day busi-ness that I lost the opportunity to smell the roses or even share some light-hearted moments with someone I cared about including DH and even the kids which I always hurried around...

This is one area of improvement for me!

Cheers :)

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