Friday, March 22, 2013

Unconventional Survival Skills?

Hi folks!

Not sure if you guys ever heard/ encounter yourself the following survival skills/method:

1. In order not to suffer from disappointment, bear no high hopes. Thus anything that does come to good outcome is an extra blessing.

2. Acknowledge and accept our choices and readily accept the outcome. If cannot accept, leave it. Do not be unhappy, or have regrets over it. It's choices we made. Make the right choice to be happy, to be free from it now! Either accept it or do something about it.

3. Tell yourself "I can do it!" When you find no strength to go on. You can untap the inner strength you have within you and focus on your ultimate destination whether is to bring a better life to your children or be a better person yourself.

Above are some of the survival skills practice by someone to survive from heartache, wrenching and unable to go on feelings from time to time..

What are the unconventional survival skills you have heard or personally practice? Do share your thoughts....

Cheers to a good weekend folks! Happy holidays!

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