Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends...Monday and another article published..

Hi folks!

How was your weekend? I had a fully-packed yet fulfilling weekend!

For once, I managed to ticked all the task list I planned to do :) and learning to keep my pace too...despite the tight schedule...and enjoying each task....

I went to MyDear Warehouse sales to check out some baby can only say..the baby bath tub i am planning to get is so costly! Would you pay RM76 for a baby bath tub? That is out of my will try and check out other places...

Some of the things I am yet to get are:
  1. Baby carrier (essential for a mom of 3, so that I could free my hands to hold the hands of the other two kids)
  2. Car Seat
  3. Baby Bath tub
  4. Stroller (maybe DH is not a big fan of stroller but preferred a good baby carrier)
Last weekend, I also managed to stop by briefly at Tesco, Giant, and Jusco and all 3 of them are having Baby ...good time for me to check out the prices of baby stuff (as ahem, I am certainly outdated about baby items and prices after my youngest son is already 4+ years old!).

Managed to get some essential items like washable nursing pad, 4 pieces of baby clothing(can't resist and also for just-in-case I didn't manage to get many hands-me-down, mittens, boots)...and yea a thermos bottle for both DH and KY as they are suffering from cough and drinking warm water is better for them.

Considered mission add on to it, i managed to have a buddy date last evening and even met up with my aunt on Sat. evening before she goes back to Australia...another two big yeysss...for me!

Thus, I should be thankful and grateful for a fulfilling weekend and do my Best to look forward to Monday...the often-most jam-packed working start day.

During the weekend, I kinda have a BIG shopping urge..and deeply feeling great about it..must be the after-effect of retail therapy ..haha..bought few favourite fruits for my kids; strawberries, kiwis, and my favourite plums (sorry for the blurred a hurry to snap and eat it :P)..i have a weakness for fresh fruits and vegetables..especially at a great bargain price..i think I must have spent like RM40 for fruits alone :P 

I hope the strawberries I packed for KY will bring smiles on her on a dreaded Monday Blue day...

Oh yes, just found out another article I have written has been published in Parenthots today, do check it out and give your views...currently in writing and deep contemplation mode :D

Cheers to a fruitful week for us all!

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