Sunday, April 14, 2013

Caught the chicken pox virus..

Hi folks! Sorry for long silence..unfortunately I have caught the chicken pox marks the 4th day..can see red dots all over my tummy, back, face and spreading to my arms and a few on my leg..

Trying to bath with neem leaves, eat healthily..hopefully will help to aten recovery.

Luckily it happened not during first trimester nor does it happened just days before delivery. Thus there's high chance I can recover in time and pass on the antibody to the baby...pray hard for fast recovery and no complication to the bb..meanwhile will update soon..have a good weekend all!


cre8tone said...

get well soon!

Sherry said...

yes it can spread, no kidding my eldest bro spread to my dear. he got it.. so its very bad feel.. he had in his 30s