Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to Work..

Hi folks!

Today I am back to work again after getting the greenlight from my gynae that my pox has dried up and safe to back to work.

From the website, i read the incubation period for chicken pox is between 9 to 21 days depends on individual. However, seems like the practice here (two doctors I asked) is about 2 weeks. 

So here I am back to work..but still feeling fatigue and body heat. As I am not being able to shower few times a day like at home..

Gee...too bad unable to apply work from home too...with some colleagues are playing precaution to stay away from me(ahem)...i should be granted/apply work from home, right, you think so? my later post, i shall share what are the things i did to help me to recover faster from chicken pox gotten during pregnancy and adulthood...

Stay tuned and have a fruitful and wonderful week!


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Sherry said...

hi.. know you are better now. I had the jab for not get chicken pox not sure if I need to jab again. My bro also get the jab already we both no having any chicken pox.