Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicken Pox story

Hi folks!

When I went to gynae for checkup when my son had chicken pox ( we only realised on second day, as the first two days, we thought it was mosquito bites!), i asked the gynae if there's anything i can do to prevent myself from getting it...the gynae said it was too late to do anything as I have been exposed for 2 days..just have to wait for a week and see if i catch it then he'll see what to do for it.

So I called my mom and dad to check if I have got it when i was young as I totally have no memory of it at all...and my mom said I should have got i just took the risk and the leave to take care of my son since it's not possible for DH to take leave..will let him take it on second week if my son does not recover in time...

True enough, after taking care of my boy for a week as there's no one i could ask for rescue or send him to...babysitter, my parents, my parents-in-law house all have young children...I caught the VIRUS...

Went to see gynae to see what WE can do about it now..he said it's rare for adults this age who haven't caught the virus when suspect it's a mild one..I might have got it when i was young but have not developed the full immunity to it. Thus he prescribed me with some medication for a week and gave me the calamine lotion and asked me to stay away from others for  a week at least..

The first 3 days were horrible..i had terrible heat in my body and is so itchy that it's SO HARD not to scratch..i literally had to scratch every moment!

The pox developed fast, everyday i can see it developing more and more..

Then i went on googling, checking what are the ways or remedies i can take to make it heal faster....(will save this for another post..)

It is rather upsetting and emo time for me(maybe for many others as well) thing worry for the unborn child, another thing feeling tired, hot, and still tending to my boy who's still at home for the second week quarantine..lotsa tears and emo whatsapp to siblings..

Received lotsa calls from buddies...and there's one auntie even made me drinks which will help to cool down the heat and help in recovery..everyday. She came for 5 days in a week with thermos and some food (millet, bread, jam, vegetables knowing I am unable to go out to buy food...and DH is super busy at work).....very thankful for her.

And very thankful to another mommy who had it when she's 7 months' pregnant and reassured me that her baby girl is doing fine...she shared with me some ways to recover faster..which really helps! 

My 4th day becomes better...and each day is a better day..i have learnt to relax and take it one day at a time...

Friends and family encouragement really helps! Having a gratitude heart too...instead of complaining the discomfort...

From now on, i will learn to be more caring to those who are sick...really not an easy time to keep the mood up while you are down n sick..

Will share more soon..tata..


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