Thursday, April 25, 2013

What i learnt from chicken pox ordeal..

Hi folks!

Hello everyone! It's been such long time since my last post....this is my first week back to work after my chicken pox ordeal..thus have quite a bit to catch up with. Not to mention the usual juggling of housework, kids' homework, etc etc...

Here are some of the things I learnt during my chicken pox ordeal which I like to jot it down here to share with reminder to myself too!

1. Some people do catch it twice.
2. The incubation period for chicken pox is between 9-21 days. However, the most common practice in KL or Malaysia, i found most will say 2 weeks. The key here is to check if all the pox is dried up and disappearing.
3. Once you are vaccinated, it doesn't mean that you won't get it, it might just be a shorter and less severe ordeal for some.
4. When you having it, you feel fatigue, so rest all you can. 
5. It is hard to stay away from the kids who wanted hugs etc....find a way to explain to them...i feel touched when my gal wanted to go for injection just to get herself vaccinated and able to come near me! Brave girl! But alas, we didn't send her for it as we don't think it's necessary. After all, she has been exposed for 2 weeks from her younger brother and now me...for another one week.
6. Stay away from risky group who will have severe complications if they catch it, i.e., babies, people with low immunity/taking chemotherapy, etc, and pregnant women.
7. And yes, adults do get it much worst than kids...but I guess we are able to tolerate and control so that we don't scratch it especially our face area...SE is having much more scars on his face due to scratching...also due to my ignorance of how to make him feel less itchy during his this is my FIRST time seeing chicken pox even though my mom been saying i should have gotten it while i was young..but i had total zero memory of it...
8. Our body becomes real hot and heaty. And once we feel hot, it get itchy.
9. Chicken pox virus comes with cough, as it makes your throat itchy.
10. The danger time to get it while pregnant is during the first trimester as well as near delivery as the baby has not got the chance to get the antibody from the mom before being born with fragile immune system. So those who planning to get pregnant, get yourself checked if you have the antibody, if not get's no fun at all to get it while pregnant..besides the fear of complication for the child in your womb as well as the wider surface for the pox to appear(mine was the WHOLE TUMMY area!)

Till then..will share what i did to recover faster or get through the ordeal more smoothly!


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