Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review on Le Run Warehouse Sale

Hi folks!

Today I brought KY along to check out the bicycle for SE as he is yet to recover fully from chicken pox.

Once we reached the Le Run warehouse sale, I am apprehensive to find many parents with kids coming out empty-handed. It sorta given us a feeling that must be either too expensive or not much choices!

Indeed, we came out empty handed as well after seeing only 3 types of children bike(two designs selling at RM210 and one small tiny one with dirty and old basket in front selling at RM150!!). I said to myself well though is branded I can certainly get a much better ones much so for a branded warehouse sales. Quite a disappointment actually...KY sat on one of the bike and commented that it's more like for a baby :P

Ha..then we sort of browse along other numerous baskets..saw some kids helmet selling at RM55. Then I told her we better buy a bike first before getting a helmet :P as I have not survey the price of such helmet..but did see some second-hand ones selling at RM10 yea..we came back empty-handed as well...

Perhaps not so much for kids' bike. There are others adults and foldable bike selling there but didn't manage to see the price yea..that's out review on the warehouse sale...

Cheers for a remaining good Weekend to us all!

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