Friday, April 5, 2013

The Woman behind the Man

Hi folks!

We heard about the sayings that goes:
"Behind every successful man, there's a woman- be it his mom/wife."
How about this:
" Do not walk behind or in front of me, instead walk alongside/beside me and be my Friend.."

Frankly speaking, many of times, I rather prefer to be the "friend" rather than the woman "behind". The path would be much enjoyable, much appreciated and much respected as in being a I find many man treat their friends better than their wife.."


U can certainly tell the difference in tone and voice when a man pickup calls from his wife or his buddies.

Of course, this is not to say there isn't any respectful man out there..I do know a rather firm and stern boss who speaks loudly to everyone except his wife...and he's even quite proud that he follows what his wife says...

Chinese has a sayings, "A man who forbears/afraid/listen to his wife will be very prosperous/rich!" How true is this..haha..

Guys, if you find yourself yet to be rich, you know what to do now ;)


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