Thursday, May 9, 2013

Agonizing Wait

Agonizing Wait

Hi folks!

This is my second time visiting a government hospital for delivery baby after 5 years.

I feel there's a great need for them to improve their system:
1. Appointment
We had to purposely apply leave and go at specific day just to make appointment even after getting referral letter from the medical officer from the district clinic. No checkup can be done on first visit.
Can't this be done through online or phone calls? To this, just to change the appointment date is another agonizing task. I was given May 6 as my appointment date. However, due to the sudden declaration of public holiday for Selangor, I need to take another date of appointment. Luckily it can be done through phone and not having to make another trip just for it. However, I made more than 5 calls in a single day and was entertained merely by some Malay rock so frustrating! I had to leave my mobile no. with the operator hoping that they will call me back. But no..did not receive any return call on the same day. I had to call again frustratingly on the second day to describe my predicament before finally I was given a new date. A waste of time and money(imagine the phone bills of being made waiting..haih..). I feel there's really lack of respect of people's time at most government dept. Certainly something they need to improve on. Just look at the queue during voting process in overseas embassy and local Malaysia voting station. Despite heavily pregnant and i have seen many elderly folks holding a cane/ tongkat, there's no one leading us to another faster queue. I was made standing for more than 40mins. before I went ahead to the front to ask if pregnant woman can vote first. Feel hot and feel like fainting already. Then only the SPR staff brought me in right to the front line. Feeling grateful yet feeling bit disappointed at the same time why no one look out for these people with special needs. I seen many elderly folks and disabled folks(on wheelchair) lining up in queue! My parents-in-law considered senior citizen stood more than one hour in queue!! On the next day, even though it was not a holiday for me as I worked in KL, I had to take leave to recover from the fatigue of GE13.

2. Appointment procedure and instruction.
It was stated that we have to arrive 30mins. ahead of our appointment time. I came 50mins ahead. During the collection of appointment date I was asked to go to nurse counter before going to the counter outside.
Dutifully followed their instruction. After waited for 30mins., the nurse at the nurse counter asked me to pay at the counter outside before coming in. Can't they informed earlier? And just to make payment I had to wait for another xx minutes(the are more than 200 people ahead of me in queue). So inefficient, inconsistent and misleading I would say to their procedure and instruction. If we need to pay before entering, why not state so in advance or even display the steps on a board so that it won't be a hassle for the nurse to keep on repeating to every patient and it will be clear to all(no misinterpretation or wrong info. given which resulted waste of time.

What other improvement needed? I hope not too many this moment I am STILL waiting in queue for my turn to make payment before finally meeting the doctor to get my c-section date. And that is already more than 20mins. passed my appointment time despite arriving 50mins early.

Cheer up...Cheer up Molly..hopefully this would be my last queue for my checkup and my next trip will be for delivery my baby :)

Will keep you all posted!

Cheers and have a great weekend! And to all parents-to-be the Mom Expo will start on This Fri-Sun! Hopefully I get to visit :)

Final update: jut back from hospital @4pm ..phew..will admit on May 14 :)

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