Thursday, May 9, 2013

What to do while waiting?

What to do while waiting?

Hi folks!

It's more than 90minutes I spent waiting in queue!

What to do to make this a less agonizing wait?

So far, what I did was:
1. Blog about this agonizing experience. (Vent it out!)
2. Watch other preggie and elderly folks in queue. (I am NOT alone in this agony!)
3. my emails, recipe collections,news letter
4. Stop watching the number counter until it is 10 numbers before there're still 40+ people to go.
5. Eat, snack..enjoy the wait. (Thank God I came prepared. Not wanting to drink too much water that would certainly cause the numerous toilet trip, I ate two apples while waiting). The reason of not wanting to walk to the toilet is, I may lose my seat and had to stand for the remaining agonizing wait. Second, I do not want to miss my turn and wait longer than I should!
6. Talk to the people sitting beside me. (Yet to be done...wait till I finish this entry :D)

Till then folks.. What other great ideas you have to make the "wait" less agonizing and more fruitful?


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transformed housewife said...

is it your monthly pregnancy check-up?

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Kak Norra..nope...this should be my first and final checkup to get the c-section date.

I guess it's a rare case as they have combined the patient from Monday May 6 patient to Thur. Thus creating double crowd..phew..i kinda camp there from 8.30am and only finished my checkup at 4pm.