Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pre-natal Checklist 2- Shopping and Clearing Bills

Hi folks!

Haha..yea shopping..more exact ..visiting the Mom Expo at Midvalley to grab the last few necessities before admitting to hospital in two days' time.

Besides all the babies stuff: wet wipes, bottles, and my nursing wear...I have also managed to do some get some groceries(tomatoes, tissue rolls, washing detergent, etc) which should be able to last me two that DH do not need to dash to get the stuff while I am in confinement).

What else, oh yes, setting all related bills to auto-debit for two months(or more) to avoid any penalty charges. Paid kids' Kindi and daycare fees.

With that, hopefully I would have a peace of mind and enjoy my maternity break :) talking about a "listing" person I, what are all these minor yet important task you cleared before going on maternity break?

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