Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pre-natal Checklist- Have a date with my family

Hi folks!

Besides packing the labor bag and preparing all the baby and confinement stuff, one of the thing I wanted to do is to have a meal with my family of 4. We finally managed to make the trip to KY's favourite meal- sushi@Imperial Art Cottage, Sri Petaling(utilizing the groupon voucher I bought sometime back-30pcs of sushi+flower tea+pudding for 3pax at MYR38).

It would definitely be much different later when traveling with baby no.3. Lots more to consider- diaper bag, stroller/baby carrier, nursing room, etc..so this is a treat before the new adventures with bb no.3 comes along, a whole new learning adventures for our family..now should I even consider changing the blog name to Third Time Parenthood? Haha..nah..I think I will stick with the current ones but would love to redesign the banner later on ;)

Are there any special things you hoped to do/done prior to giving birth? It'll be interesting to hear from you all :)

Cheers folks!

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transformed housewife said...

You'll adapt the changes of having no 3. It's just another baby on tow. hehe.