Friday, May 31, 2013

Questions from a secondtime Sister

Hi folks!

When KY became a sister 5 years ago, she was only a-barely-2-yrs-old girl with much confusion and bit of imbalance heart; for she was stopped by well-intentioned granddad who was afraid she might unintendedly hurt the baby brother with her ever-enthusiastic heart to share her toys with her barely few days old brother then.

Fast forward to present time when she became a sister(again) when she is 7 years old, she is still full of love and pride and not to mentione questions being a more mature and curious 7 year old she is!

Here are some of her questions:
1. Mommy, how did you bring out the baby from your tummy?

2. Mommy, so your tummy now no more baby? (Perhaps she wondered why my tummy still quite "swollen" ahem..same for DH, who can't understand why after delivered the baby bumps is still there..oh well it took us 9 mths to grow it "up" thus give us sometime to "flatten it" right mommies!)

3. Why baby always seen to be either drinking milk or sleeping? He doesn't need to eat anything? Why he hasn't wake up much to play?

4. Why baby poo so many times a day?

5. Why baby poo looks like that? Why not firm and solid like mine? Why is it in that color?( usually the poo for breastfed baby looks like scrambled eggs, in yellow and sweet-smelling..right bf moms?)

6. Upon seeing that I was pumping one engorged side and seeing baby nursing, she is marveled and wonder where does the milk came from?

7. When I asked her to finish her milk fast(challenge her to compete with the baby, rather than stopping halfway, now and then wih her strings of questions), she said not fair! 'Cos baby drinks faster and the milk never ever finished! :P

8. KY loves watching, singing, talking and soothing her baby brother! Once I was in the toilet and baby cried. She tried to sooth the baby with her songs and chats and baby finally did calm down and stopped crying when I ce out of the toilet. KY proudly exclaimed," See, baby stopped crying! I did it!- victory smile"

9. Her first task after waking up is to check on her baby brother...she is so marveled at how tiny and cute her baby brother is! Everything is so small she said, his toes, his fingers...ah....

10. And last but not least, mommy is it pain giving birth? I don't want to give birth next time. I asked are you sure? Then she said hmm..ok maybe just one baby will do. Then I asked wouldn't the baby be lonely with no one to play with? Then KY replied, hmm..maybe just 3 babies..yea 3 will do- like mommy huh? :)

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