Saturday, June 1, 2013

Confinement Practices I followed thru for the third time..

Hi folks!

For the Chinese confinement practice, we do have quite a couple of things to follow..depends on individual.

As for me few things I still follow are:
1. Taking only red dates drink as my plain water. It is said that we can't drink any plain water during confinement to avoid water retention. Well this one I can follow through easily cos red dates drink taste great and boost up energy, milk supply and replenish blood cells ;)

2. Cannot wash hair at least for the first 2 weeks post-delivery. Hmm..ok I had to confess..I did followed through during my first and second confinement. However, I overlooked, forgotten(is after one or two weeks)...and just washed mine after a week much at the shocked face of my confinement lady! I came to learn the reason behind after one of my friend told me that the practice is because it interfere with uterus contraction. It is best to wash our hair only after the "red" discharge is gone.
So obediently I am still waiting and counting the days to come to enjoy my next hair wash. Now which is why I love to have my short haircut before delivery! (note: I do have my daily shower with special herbs ;) for hygiene sake!)

3. Lie down as much as you can during the first two weeks.
Well the nurse who came to check on me asked me to walk as much as I can which will prevent blood clot. However, due to my c-section wound, I was still in pain, thus each time after shower, after a meal(gulp! Yea that's what I was rest and lie down after the meal of ginger wine etc which is usually used in confinement cooking..for blood circulation) and during BF.
I didn't lie down much during my first confinement. Has terrible backache lasting till the next delivery. I lie down as much as I could during the second confinement. Thus, I must say I am following this practice diligently again now as I hope to be backache-free after this. It means a lot for a mom who needs to juggle few balls in the air...

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