Saturday, June 1, 2013

Questions from my kids during my confinement

Hi folks!

It so happened that my confinement period is during school holiday which is good in a way. Less preparatory work for me compared to schooling days,
Less stress (homework, iron school uniform, packing meals, etc) and more bonding time for the kids and their new baby brother.

SE been asking to take over some caring task like burping for the brother..but I said wait till the baby more can't sit straight..just yet.

Then KY asked me why I haven't been cooking at all these days(all meals prepare by confinement Aunty). She wished to have some cooking time with me.

SE have also been asking me to drive him out which I couldn't. They are quite puzzled to find their mom not to be as active and mobile and available as before.

I told them I had a wound to heal, thus they don't see me working too. I need time to heal and be active again...

Glad that they are at an age whereby we could explain things with them and they are considerate enough to "entertain" themselves. Doing their own workbook, handcraft, pretend play, etc.

Glad that SE is happy to be holidaying at grandparents' place during the tough first 2 weeks where the pain and the BF routine is still in-progress...

It's good to have some help during the first 2 weeks..grateful..


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transformed housewife said...

COngratulations on the new born baby boy. It's always good to have other people who can lend their hands to take care of our kids while we are busy adjusting with the newborn.