Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Online shopping for fullmoon package

Hi folks!

Old folks said we can't watch tv during confinement otherwise will hurt our eyesight..

But but..:P I am spending >30mins online..shopping for fullmoon package!

It has been a custom for my hubby's family or most Chinese families to either hold a full moon party(which we did for the first two kids), or distribute fullmoon package to relatives and friends who have showered us with gifts..

This time round, we chose to returned with fullmoon gift boxes rather than holding a party as it is much easier to manage..

So shopping I went...there are lotsa choices around from the traditional basi kunyit, ginger slices, rendang, ang ku Kuih(a traditional Chinese pastry for special occasion) and red eggs to cakes, tarts and cupcakes.

As we need time to distribute to people who are all over the town, DH & I finally chose something that do not need to store in fridge and could last the journey during distribution..

Another item checked from my list to do..next shopping(yet again!) for EBM bottles, bags, icepack and freezer?? Ready for working and pumping time the third time round..wish me
All the best and I could bf him as long as I could!


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