Thursday, August 22, 2013

What we can learn from a baby?

Hi folks!

ZS has reached 3-month old now...

I have so much to learn from this little gentleman daily.

He brings much joy to us and taught us a lot of things.

He is,
ever generous with his smiles
always showing this contented look besides when he's hungry or in need of nappy change
always *happy* & *excited* to see us; making us feel awesome and welcome
very direct with his emotions, all showing in his facial expression
 (there's certainly no hidden agenda he yet to learn how to speak though he's making lotsa sounds now and mommy is still learning to decode what he says, thus his facial expression is the first point of contact to see what he is asking for- need a company? need milk, need a nappy change, feeling hot? feeling cold, etc)
ever so eager to learn, never give up learning to turn, etc at every stage of learning till he make it(and Yes! at this stage he has learn how to flip time to put on the barrier!)

And you know when u just hit the right spot and manage to guess what he's asking for, the feeling is great! :D

Now, am trying to figure out what he's telling me everyday..haha..he seems to be expressing lotsa things from his coo-ing etc, like telling me lotsa stories of what he's experiencing today at babysitter's place.

How much or how often do we communicate nowadays with our close ZS, it's his daily routine to communicate with us. He's not busy with iphone, ipad etc yet. And he would cry for us to listen or talk to him...

No one can ever be angry with such cute little ones. Everyone will just mellow and soften their tone when talking to him. I wonder why we can't tone down and talk with such love when we speak to our older kids or spouse or anyone else? :P

Just some ponders from time to time while i learn on this 3rd time parenting..ha..

How is your day so far folks? Hope it has been great and going better!



transformed housewife said...

how old is your baby now?

molly said...

hi Kak Nura, he's 3 mths old now :)