Monday, September 30, 2013

New development inside and out

Hi folks!

Lately, after returning to work from my maternity break, I noticed some changes and good development happening to people around me, at work and off work.

I see my colleagues adopting a healthier eating habits, healthier living lifestyles, etc which I am truly happy for them.

I love to see some new development for myself and family too. You see this positive vibes of good development happening to people around us can actually inspired us to have some positive changes in us too! And this comes in circles....and cycles...which should be continue....

One of the new development we are planning in our family is to get a second car(yes, we have been surviving and managing with one car all these while, despite the rush-ness, inconvenient(at times), etc) it is the best arrangement we could afford to and live by.

Of course having a second car would be ideal so that our time won't be so rush and our schedule don't have to depended on one another. 

But, well, it does make us travel as one in a family....with the second car, it might be a different story...

But with a second car, I do have many positives changes I like to start..and with a second car it's making these hopes..closer to reality..hopefully..

Till my next update when the hope became a reality..

What are the positive development you are making this year?

Care to share? May all of us find the joy in making positive changes in our life every day!


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