Monday, September 30, 2013

Voluntary Ownership Transfer System

Hi folks,

Have you heard of Voluntary Ownership Transfer System or in Malay, "Sistem Tukar Milik Sukarela"?

I needed to perform the transfer of ownership of my little Kancil(my first car bought when I started working and earning an income), that was like almost 11 years ago?

Then, I found out that we can actually do it online, with several conditions:
  • The owner (seller) and buyer has to register with 1MID access
  • At the moment, the service is limited to Individual Private Cars only
  • The vehicle owner and the vehicle itself does not have any summonses or blacklisted summonses
  • Bank's hire purchase is cleared
  • Puspakom's records has been updated

Anyone of you tried this service? 

You can check out more details on the website above if you need do it the transaction online(without heading to JPJ offices ;))

This system is under Road Transport Department of Malaysia with MYEG.
The initial reason is to facilitate protect the interest of seller and second-hand car dealer.

Check out more details if you interested :)


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