Monday, September 30, 2013

Updates on ZS at 4 months 3rd week

Hi folks!

Life been pretty busy on & off work.

I kinda felt I will lost touch with the kids' development when I don't take time to document it down or even take not of it...

So, today just something on ZS in bit-pieces.

  • started flipping over at 3rd month (mastered only flipping to his right)
  • started flipping back and over yesterday!! When I laid him on his back on his playpen and went along busied with my housework, when I came back he has turned to the other side of the playpen in crawling position(with his I actually don't quite remember now when the older two kids started crawling lolx
  • loves to sing, coo, chit chat. Would make louder noise when he wants to sleep or complaining his bottom is "dirty"
  • started teething(Shone has his first tooth at 4th month too!), very irritated by his gum apparently....we gave him a teether, yet DH said ZS merely licked on it, do not know how to bite yet..I guess it's kinda too "thick" for him to bite on...will need to find the tiny and thin ones that Shone used to bite on last time...(I forgot if I have kept/pass it on :P)
Just a quick update and write up before i forgot all about it he's reaching 5th going on 6th month soon, i guess it's the right time I start flipping through the baby food recipes once more...another research and experiment time for me!


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