Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi folks!

My roommate used to tell me how fortunate it is to have siblings, more so if you have sisters whom you can share secret with. She's coming from a single parent and has no siblings of her own. Many times she would longed for sisters who could share secret and "sharing of duty" of taking care of her mom.

I have an older sister who's merely 1 yr+ older than me. Being the eldest in our family, I used to disobey her. She's the authoritative who many times, I felt intolerable due to her ways of "controlling"(at least that's what I thought of in my teens) what and where I should be studying and staying after SPM.

She is very protective of me, being her younger sister I guess, thus she kind of want to guide me so that I don't walk on the path she felt she had walked on and regretted.

However, the rebel in me ever felt so suffocating that I find it hard to follow what she has planned. Thus, at one time..we started to drift apart. I no longer wanted to hear what she says, more so follow her plan.

I just felt so liberating to be able to work out my OWN plan and do what I wanted to.

Few years down the road, when both of us have kids of our own, my sister mellowed down a lot ever since she got married. Ever so protective and caring of her siblings, you can see her appearing in my house while i was heavily pregnant, while i was juggling 3 kids on my own(during the absence of my hubby at times due to engagement with some duties at work and off work), taking my kids off for some holiday to free her younger sister some free time to breathe.

One weekend, she brought her kids and mine to visit one of the historical monument with my parents when my hubby and I had to attend an event. Praise her, after that she would bring the kids back to my house and voila..guess what she did, she would clean the dirty dishes and mop my floor so that when I am back home, or awake, I would find my house clean and able to rest. Now, it reminds me of girl guide story comes to life!

That's my sister, ever so caring in her own ways...she's the one I always turn to for advice on certain things especially on route and direction as she knew best which are the route her easily-lost sister knows...she's my best GPS and cheerleader. Always full of solutions...and ideas..

When there are things we can't tell our parents, our hubby, our good friends, we know we can always count on each others' shoulder to cry on...

Thus, it is indeed a blessings to have a sister! I truly hope I could be one to my own daughter since she's without any sister to call her own...but she would have her cousins and her brothers with her :)

That's one of the plus point having more than one child I worth all the sacrifices after all...the best gift we could ever give to our child..that is the close kinship of siblinghood!

Do you have the kind of close relationship with your siblings who shared the same childhood memories, stories, favourite food and places to visit when young?

Cherish them, keep in touch and be each other pillar of strength. We can't live in isolation :)



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transformed housewife said...

I have a close relationship to my younger sister too. We quarreled so many times during our teenage time but as we grow older we have become so close. It's true that we can share a lot of things including our hopes,dreams and secrets.