Friday, October 11, 2013

Surviving the bleh

Hi folks!

At times, even when we are not feeling at our tip top condition, we are still required to perform at our best. There are still meetings to attend, kids to attend, meals to prepare (yep, not everyone has the luxury to have takeaway/escape from cooking anytime they wish), etc.

So how do we make it more workable and bearable during these moments?

Here are some of the tested and tried ways, and also ways I told myself, "Next time I should…"

1.       Have ready packed meals in the freezer/quick-fix meals you can prepare in a jiffy.

I find those foods which we can easily cook in steamer like pau, siew mai, sweet corn in can, frozen dumplings, eggs, etc can make our life easier. One night, during one of those monthly "visit", I took out the pre-packed baked cheese rice and cook it in oven for DH. A lovely meal I don't have to sweat over the stove and yummy too. A true gem and luxury to have in moments of "downtime".

2.       Have a folder/list of your favourite songs/music ready at hand to be played at such moment would be such great relieve.

3.       Think of the good and great moments to pull myself out of the "down" time.

4.       Said to myself, "This too, shall pass quickly."

5.       Pretend like you're an actor and you had to somehow, anyhow act this role (whichever role you couldn't avoid doing, be it your day job as a superior, cashier, teacher, etc; or as a mom) until the Director said "Cut" and "OK, we're done for the day!" Be professional.

These are just some of the "tools" I have in my pocket to survive the moments of "bleh" when I just don't feel like doing anything yet had to.

What about you? What are the tools you stored in your pocket? Mind to share?


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